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One of my favorite manga sequences. My narrative adds my own desires and thoughts for a such a transformation, but basically follows the surrender of manhood, acceptance of feminization and embracing being a sissy slut.

A husband/boyfriend submissive gifted with transformation to complete sissy cock whore, sigh,I wish.

She knows his true desires before him. She guides his emasculation with his willing participation. She loves him and wants him to share her life with the men she services, She’s been slowly brainwashing him, leading him to being attracted to anal play, eating his own cum, desiring her to take control, and finally no longer wanting control but to be controlled. The last step was riding his face as he eagerly consumed the cum from her pussy and ass from one of her clients. He came as he cleaned her fuck holes while she finger fucked his ass with three fingers. She made the offer to take him all the way to what he re ally needed and he accepted.

He sheds his manhood, he thinks temporarily, but she knows different. As the body hair disappears, the lotions soften and sooth his newly shaved skin, the layers of manhood start to shed. His haircut becomes a cute pageboy/pixie cut, silky lingerie with stockings slide over his newly bare, smooth skin. Jewelry is added, ears pierced, nipples pierced, perfume applied with makeup and lipstick. As he looks into a mirror, it happens, the final shell of manhood crumbles, she sees an attractive women looking back and kisses her lover as she falls to her knees to pleasure her pussy in thanks.

She is ready, ready to become a sissy, her lover has a regular client coming over to aid in the final transformation. The sissy looks at her girlfriend knowing she will never be a man again, and there is no feeling of loss only relief. The man arrives, the sissy watches as her lover warms him up and motions the sissy over to learn. In just a little while the si ssy is an eager cocksucker. The sissy’s lover looks on with delight as she watches the slutty whore take over in her sissy. The sissy’s final conversion occurs pretty quickly as she goes wild on the client’s cock deep in her sissy ass cunt as her ass cherry is popped. The moans and grinding on the cock in her ass let her mistress/lover know she has a sissy whore girlfriend now. After the client’s load is leaking from the new sissy ass cunt she cuddles with her lover/mistress plus the client.

In a little while the new sissy whore is already grinding her ass against the client’s cock even as she is lapping at her mistresses cunt and asshole to pleasure her. Both mistress and sissy are very happy about the choices they made that evening.

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When I embraced I was a submissive sissy slut,
pussy was no longer was a priority. I wanted cocks cumming. However, as a submissive I enjoy submitting and serving. I would gladly orally pleasure a mistress using my lips, tongue and hands to pleasure her pussy and asshole until she came on my worshiping face. Now the pictured pussy has a magnetic attraction for me. A nice cum filled sissy snack there. I would love that pussy grinding on my face as i happily received all that cum fucked deep into it.

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Good effort

I want to drink that much cum!

Damn, watching the video makes me so hungry. I so want that mug of creamy cock juice. I want to be the one who excited the men to jerk load after load into that mug. I want to be the one who licked and sucked the cocks and balls till they were ready to explode. I want to be the sissy whose ass had cock after cock in it till they blew the load into the mug. I especially want to be the cum crazed sissy getting to eat all that man ball juice. Yummy.


Slap me if you want me to be wet when you rape me x

Yes, slap my face, abuse my body with your belt from your pants. As you remove your pants, I’ll hold the belt in my mouth until you free your cock and you’re ready to use your slut. Take the belt from my mouth and slap my face. I’ll moan with the sting of your hand on my face. Slap my face until you’re ready to abuse my body. My lubed ass cunt will be throbbing and my clitty twitching with anticipation of the belt wielded by you landing on my back and ass. Each strike making me moan with the bliss on pleasure pain. Strike me, mark me as your pain loving slut with red welts that will sting for days as each stripe makes me remember who I belong to willingly.

Grab my hair as your cock stiffens and pull me onto your cock and bury it deep in me. My moans of pleasure at being fucked by your cock in my ass show my cravings to submit and be used by you as often as possible. Nothing else matters to me other than your pleasure by abusing and fucking me brainless and filled with cum.



“bring to heel” (transitive, idiomatic): to compel someone to obey; to force someone into a submissive condition.

📸 by @daddysmaison; beautiful submission by @kittenbabyxo

Mkay just saying y'all are absolutely welcome to put me on a leash the next time I’m around😍💕

Well you can put the leash in me and to make sure I’ve completely submissive and obedient I’d recommend some additional actions. Get a nice belt or flogger and then start getting my ass and back warmed until there’s some nice welts. You could also pull my head up by my hair and slap my face until I’m a drooling moaning sissy slut offering my ass for fucking and begging for cum and piss to be filling my mouth over and over.

Of course, that’s just a recommendation, I’d never tell my master or mistress how to train me into a mindless bimbo sissy whore. I’d let them decide what form of abuse, drugs, or brainwashing (maybe all at once [giggle]) to use to make me their perfect submissive sissy whore.



And I love it!

Yes I know what cum tastes like. I know I what my own cum tastes like, my pre-cum and even my piss. I know what others tastes like too, and the temping flavors vary as does the consistency. Instead of Starbucks you have ‘Cock'bucks with all sorts of yummy options. You can get:

Cum types:

Cum Light - watery, not much white cream

Cum Regular - light syrup with lots of white cream

Cum Heavy - syrup with chunks of white cream

Cum Melody - all of the above, from several guys

Then there’s options:

Nectar - Gold nectar straight up. Usually as a chaser to a cum meal in a container or straight from the cock or pussy. Sometimes used to further inflame a sissy’s lusts and addictions by being sprayed (with cum) in the sissy’s hair, on their face and body. The combination of sensations of the warm fluids cooling/drying on the sissy’s body combined with the musk of cum and piss usually drive the mindless, possibly tweaked, sissies into an absolute feeding frenzy that can only be satisfied by more cum and piss nectar.

Cum Shot - any cum type(s) mixed with gold nectar in a shot glass

Cum Cocktail - any cum type(s) mixed with a glass of gold nectar

Cum Slick - the cum on a cock just pulled from a sissy ass with a touch of ass and lube flavoring

Cum Savory - cum collected from several sissies mouths into a glass for your eating pleasure

Cum Delight - cum collected from daddy’s used girl slut’s puss y , served on a plate, in a glass or licked directly from the slut

Cum Supreme - a heady delight for only the most cum crazed sissies. Cum collected from your own fucked and creamed ass or others. Served as above. If your your own ass, best consumed licking it from your fingers or the plate while looking at daddy in the eyes with lust for more. If some other sissy or slut, best licked directly from the ass while freshly fucked. Like cum slick, a trace of ass and lube, and the thrill of being a mindless cum addict.

Cum Spritzer - a rare delight for only the most depraved sissy cumdump. Several men fuck and fill a sissy’s or slut’s ass with cum. The cum filled ass is then lowered on to or just above the hungry open sissy mouth and the cum sprayed out for consumption. Usually a delight saved for only the most bimbo, brainwashed, sissy cumdumps who beg and moan with utter bliss as it is served to them.

Yes, I am a depraved sissy cumdump who would love t o order often from the cum menu and enjoy the entire menu often.


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How I wish I spent the super bowl. Being the only gurl at a party being taken by guy after guy. Getting load after load fucked into my cock hungry holes as I moaned for more and more use. After sucking, getting fucked, and slapped around for four hours while gulping down pints of cum, and quarts of piss. I’m pushed into a hotel hall in skin tight leggings and a tiny halter, dripping cum and piss from my hair, face and body covered in drying cock fluids with money shoved in the crack of my ass.

I do it again too.

God, watching that lucky slut get used by her owner like that is such a turn-on. Her complete surrender to being a tattooed fucktoy is the life I want. Even as she is being yanked into position and slapped her one thought is to get the cock to suck. All the other painful pleasures are secondary to the pleasure of having a cock to suck. Damn, I want to be in her place with that delicious cock to suck and an owner abusing me into a mindless fucktoy forever.

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I truly do!!

Of course, there would be no forcing. Nope, only begging, begging for more sex training, more cocks to suck, more cum and piss, more drugs to keep me a horny no limits whore. I am getting horny just thinking about the men and cocks that would be using me over and over. The cum I would have to eat, the piss to drink, the hands slapping my face, body and ass. Yep, no forcing needed here, just utter blissful acceptance and being thankful for giving me my dream.

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I’m a sissy 😅

Yes I want that view. I want to feel his weight on top of me as he slams his cock into my ass pussy. I want the smell of his sweat in my nostrils and on my body as I become more and more his. I want to taste his sweat as my tongue licks his neck and tastes his skin all the way to licking and teasing his nipples. I want my hair pulled, my face slapped and my ass welted as he fucks and abuses me into a mindless bimbo whore who only knows she wants more abuse and more fucking. I want to be left a moaning drooling sissy slut with cum leaking from my ass, the musk of piss and cum in my nostrils, the taste of both in my mouth and my hair matted and my body covered in sweat, cum and piss. I want him to admire my ass with the welts he put on it, look at the cum and p iss covered body he used and know I am utterly his. My body is his is my total surrender to anything he desires.

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Annette Schwartz has always been a favorite adult performer. My other fav is Nicky Sweetheart. Both worked for the GGG and 666 production studios. Seeing Annette swallow piss and how she appeared to love it (I suspect there is more to it than just good acting on Annette’s and Nicky’s part) was what confirmed me on the kink path. It brought back memories of very kinky high school relationship (story posted on blog) and confirmed to me what I wanted.

I discovered; piss is a tasty treat drink; cum is a yummy food; belt or flogger welts sting for days making me lust for more; cock in my ass or mouth feels sooo good; cock slid from my ass to my mouth is also yummy; having my hair, face and body covered with cum and piss is a real turn-on; submission to others desires is a craving; a glass of piss mixed with cum is a perfect sissy treat.

So I suppose Annette and Nicky are kinda role models for me. I love Nicky’s tattoos an d would love flame vines on me in a similar design. I don’t think I can be a adult sissy porn star to get the fucking, abuse, cum and piss I love, but I think being a sissy whore will probably get most of it for me.

I have pleasured assholes with this level of mindless lust. Both men and women have had their rear pleasure holes licked and probed by my tongue in a mindless need to taste and pleasure them. I caressed their asscheeks and massaged their cock or cunt as I buried my face in their ass to pleasure their rosebud with my tongue. I wish I was licking at a tight ass rosebud right now.



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